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2017: Highlights!

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Wow! Where did 2017 go? A blink of the eye and there dawns 2018 and we’re already at the end of January!

Before we look back at the highlights of 2017 – I would like to thank all my clients for making 2017 a truly memorable year!

December 2017

This month was a lot fun and plenty of hard work – not that we’re complaining – it was great!

We put on our first pop up events in the run up to Christmas selling our new range of Limited Edition Artisan caramels and occasional bonbons which form part of our “Indulge Me…” range of artisan products. This was a new experience – but loads of fun.

Artisan caramel 18 piece boxes

Hand decorated 18 piece boxes

Besides our delicious caramels and traditional mini Christmas cakes, we also chose to sell our equally delicious macarons and brownies.

Pop up shop

Day 2 of our pop up event

Wedding cake highlights included this macaron cake shown below which was a first for us. We purchased the stand online and initially I was a little hesitant about the sturdiness of the arrangement – but it all seem to work out okay! I like the look of it. Contemporary. Venue: Gelukkie, Paternoster

Cutting cake on top of macarons

December also saw us making our biggest cake to date. A 4 tier carrot cake with traditional cream cheese filling. For this wedding I had the pleasure of working with Madri from The Event Planners. I really enjoyed working with Madri and her team. They gave me carte blanch to decorate the cake – I think the cake turned out quite lovely. Venue: Sea Trader, St. Helena Bay

4 tier carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

September 2017

Towards the end of September 2017 we introduced our new range of artisan caramels and occasional bonbons under the label:  Indulge Me… Our signature caramel being rosemary, apricot & pine-nut en-robed in a bittersweet dark chocolate.

Rosemary, apricot & pine-nut caramel

Rosemary, apricot & pine-nut caramel en-robed in a bittersweet chocolate

August 2017

The 9th August was quite a momentous day for me – I had been invited to speak at Blue Bay Lodge’s Women’s Day event. This was so far outside of my comfort zone – yikes! Anyway I chose to speak on chocolate and you know, I really enjoyed myself once I got going.

A chocolate selection

MAY 2017

On the 20th May we had the pleasure of being part of the second Taste of Gelukkie held at Gelukkie in Paternoster. We are very proud to be part of the Gelukkie Team. 

Dessert Table

Chocolate and caramel inspired dessert table

For this years Taste of Gelukkie we decided to showcase a chocolate and caramel inspired dessert table together with several wedding cakes.

Wedding Cake Selection

MARCH 2017

Although all my wedding cakes are very special and dear to me. This one however is a firm favourite of mine. The popcorn cake for Elke and Garreths’ wedding held at Blue Bay Lodge

This cake was recently featured on Mooi Troues

The cake was an elegant indulgence of delicious vanilla sponge filled with salted caramel and caramel popcorn. 

Vanilla sponge filled with salted caramel sauce and caramel popcorn


During February we had the pleasure of making Hlony and Inaeng’s wedding cake. An elegant white cake decorated with green Swiss dots. This wedding featured on Mooi Troues later in the year. Venue: Gelukkie, Paternoster

Single tier white fondant covered cake with piped minty green Swiss dots

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Introducing our yummy caramels!

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Hi everyone – hope you are all having a truly wonderful day and a week to boot!

If you have been following my personal blog over at Bread and Jam, you will know that I’ve been playing around with making caramels.

My first flavour that I tried was coconut – I didn’t want to start with something way out – I thought this would be a nice safe flavour to begin my adventure into making caramels. Instead of using cream I chose coconut milk and in the last stages I folded in some desiccated coconut for texture. I en-robed these in a milk chocolate and sprinkled some desiccated coconut on top. For a first attempt they came out pretty well.

Coconut caramels en-robed in milk chocolate

With having some coconut milk left over, I decided to be a little bit more adventurous. I ferreted through my husband’s spice cupboard and found a block of tamarind – I love tamarind it has a delightful sourness to it (just thinking about it makes my mouth water – think sour worm gummy sweets!). I infused the coconut milk with the tamarind for an hour or so, ran the liquid through a sieve to remove the tamarind and then used this infusion instead of cream. Another flavour that works well with tamarind is peanut so I folded some chunky peanut butter through the caramel before pouring it out to set up. Again I chose to en-robe these in milk chocolate as I felt a dark chocolate would be a little overpowering.

Tamarind & peanut caramels en-robed in milk chocolate

Delighted with how the coconut and the tamarind caramels came out I chose to become a lot more adventurous with flavours. On our smallholding here in St. Helena Bay we grow lots of rosemary – this is a great plant for the semi-arid conditions that we have here on the West Coast of South Africa.

Some time ago I bought a very special book: The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg. It’s a wonderful tool to have in your arsenal of cooking equipment – it gives you a level of confidence when choosing flavour combinations. With having decided to use rosemary I checked in the BOOK to see what pairs well and lo and behold – apricot and pine-nut – fabulous! I infused the cream with some rosemary and later in the process folded into the caramel small bits of dried but still plump Turkish apricots. Once the caramel had set up I en-robed in a 55% dark chocolate and topped each one with a tiny cube of apricot, a dried rosemary leaf and a toasted pine-nut. 

Rosemary, apricot & pine-nut caramel

Rosemary, apricot & pine-nut caramel en-robed in a bittersweet chocolate

I think we may have found our signature caramel – it’s tastes amazing. There is a hint of rosemary and little nuggets of soft apricot hidden in the depths of the chewy caramel.

Since this exploration into flavour I have played with a few more combinations, which I will add in due course to our Cookies, Sweet Treats & Wedding Favours page. These little squares of pure pleasure would make for ideal wedding favours or as a wonderful addition to the dessert table or even to have with an after dinner coffee or brandy.

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