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Whist it was still dark on the morning of the 9th July 2016, we packed the cars by torchlight and headed off to Gelukkie, who had invited us to be a part of their open bridal day.

We can honestly say that for us, this was one of the most successful events that we have been a part of. It provided us with an opportunity to chat on a one to one basis with prospective bridal couples.

The week leading up to the event was jam-packed with frenetic energy. Baking sample cakes like our buttercream water-paint effect cake and the spiced apple cake dripping with homemade caramel.


 We did not want to skimp on tasting samples as we felt this was the one way that we could communicate our passion for baking and making really yummy treats.  We baked two sheet cakes (our really popular chocolate cake and an apple spice cake) plus lots of our seriously decadently delicious macarons. We also made chocolates and mini tarts.

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What we did learn from this experience is that many bridal couples are very interested in having a small cake for the cutting ceremony and having an accompanying dessert table filled with lots of bite-size treats. So during 2016 we have decided to formally launch our Dessert Table à la carte menu.

Watch this space for exciting news!

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