Cake Tasting…

The Tasting is your opportunity to sample the cake flavour / filling combinations that you have chosen as options from our Flavours & Fillings Listing.

If you would like to attend a Tasting, we strongly recommend that you arrange for this to occur outside of the “Wedding Season” i.e. April to August. At this time, a minimum notice period of 2 weeks is required.

If you wish to have a Tasting during the “Wedding Season” i.e. September to March, a minimum notice period of 1 month is required. During the “Wedding Season”  Tastings can only be accommodated on Monday or Tuesdays.

Because we are a special-order business, we only bake to order. The cakes at your Tasting will be baked especially for you.

We recommend that you limit your Tasting to 4 combinations, so as not to overwhelm your palate.

The cost of a Tasting is R225 per cake flavour / filling combination.

We can accommodate up to 2 persons at the Tasting during the current Covid pandemic. Please contact us for further clarification.

Client comment: “Thank you very much for an amazing experience on Saturday. We are so glad our paths crossed with you. The cake was delicious!”

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