Can I choose more than one flavour for my wedding cake?

ABSOLUTELY! You can choose more than one flavour for your wedding cake.

Each tier can be a different flavour. It will add an element of interest and surprise into your wedding cake by opting to have different flavours.

When choosing your delicious combinations bear in mind seasonality and time of your reception. For example: summer berries are delicious in summer because that’s when they are usually available yet can be sour in winter. Having a rich decadent cake for a morning wedding will be too heavy, here a light lemony sponge would be a better choice.

Don’t stress about pleasing your guests, ultimately the choice is yours and should represent your personal taste.

Some different tier combinations to inspire you:

Tier one: vanilla with a café latte mousse

Tier two: banana sponge cake filled with salted caramel

Tier three: chocolate sponge filled with hazelnut spread

Salted caramel apple spice cake

Some filling combinations to inspire you:

Using our vanilla sponge as a guide:

Tier one: Vanilla sponge with raspberry mousse

Tier two: Vanilla sponge with lemon mousse

Tier three: Vanilla sponge with crème pâtissière

The internet is full of interesting articles to help you in choosing your flavour combinations.





I have a standard Flavours and Frostings listing to help you choose but these are only a guide. If you fancy something more exotic or way-out there – get in touch – I would love to try out different combinations.

I’m here to help you make your dream wedding come true. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

I look forward to creating you a beautiful and above all delicious wedding cake.

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