Congratulations, you’re engaged!

Congratulations on your engagement!

Now the fun begins – planning all aspects of your wedding – including your cake!

To put the wedding cake into context, I have detailed our “From Concept to Cake Process” which starts with your Initial Enquiry & completes on Delivery Day (which is of course, your wedding day!).

Initial Enquiry:

Our advice to newly engaged couples is to make your initial enquiry well in advance – at least 6 months works really well. Just as venues & photographers get booked up, so do cake creators.

When you first get in touch with us, include the following information:

  • The venue at which your wedding will be held,
  • If the cake will be shared with your guests, how many guests will be attending,
  • Locate photos similar to your Cake Concept from Pinterest, Instagram or my website gallery,
  • What flavour cake you have in mind
  • Don’t be shy, give me plenty of details!


Once we have the above information, we will be able to put together a detailed quote for you.

After you have reviewed the quote, if the brief is not quite right, then we will happily amend the quote & send you a revised version. Sometimes this happens several times until everything is perfect & sometimes it’s right first time.

When you are happy with the quote, you will accept it by signing it & paying the Save The Date fee.

Paying the Save The Date fee is important, as I can then add you to my work schedule & also ensure that I don’t accept any other commission that would conflict with yours.

Flowers & Foliage:

After our quote has been accepted it is at this stage of the “From Concept to Cake Process” that we will ask that your florist or decor provider pre-allocates some of your flowers to be used as decoration on your wedding cake.

Flower allocation for the cake is often overlooked. Your wedding cake forms a part of the whole wedding, a magnificent event, & as such should reflect your floral & foliage arrangements.

Flowers and foliage, Mr and Mrs

Final Balance:

The balance of your quote becomes due for payment 30 days prior to your Wedding Day. It is at this point that your Cake Concept can no longer be changed.

One Week Before Your Wedding:

At this time we will be in touch to confirm delivery / set up time & to remind you (& your florist) to set aside some flowers & foliage that I will use to decorate your wedding cake.

And Finally Your Wedding Day Has Arrived:

For me as a Cake Creator this too is a very exciting day. This is the day your wedding cake becomes a part of the magical memories that will be created.

At the agreed upon time I will arrive at your venue to set up & decorate your wedding cake. Once I’m happy with the decoration & placement I will snap some photos for posterity & take my leave.

I do hope that you have found the above brief explanation of our “From Concept to Cake Process” to be useful. Should you need more clarification or have any questions on how we work at A Cake Story you very welcome to get in touch by using our Contact Page. Here you will also find some Frequently Asked Questions.

I really look forward to hearing from you & to making you a beautiful & above all delicious wedding cake.

Featured image courtesy of Bairyna of Pixabay.com

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