Semi-naked Wedding Cakes

Welcome to my miniseries on the types of wedding cakes that A Cake Story offers.

I will be delving into the pros and cons surrounding each type of cake so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right cake for your Special Day.

A semi-naked cake is one that has a thin covering of buttercream or chocolate ganache allowing for some of the cake underneath to show through.

Semi-naked wedding cakes have been quite popular in South Africa for the past few years. They are certainly a lovely choice for many of our rustic and countryside wedding venues.

Celebrating the positives.

I really enjoy the semi-naked style of cake. It’s looks natural, for the large part unadorned by layers of frosting.

Smells good and is delicious. Looks fabulous with any type of sponge cake. You can up the appeal by having each tier a different flavour. For example: dark and light tiers – chocolate sandwiched between vanilla.

You can decorate a semi-naked cake in several ways. For example: with fresh non-toxic flowers; shortbread hearts or other cookies, edible gold or silver leaf, fresh fruits and berries, popcorn, sweets and chocolates or dripping with caramel.

Perfect for an understated or rustic wedding.

For the most part semi-naked cakes are budget friendly due to less time spent decorating (as in fondant) or smaller amounts of frosting being used.

These are the negatives – sorry!

Although you can style this type of cake several ways, like those listed above, it will always look similar to what many other couples may have.

Always remember that your cake will probably be sitting out for at least six to eight hours before being cut.

If you opt for a very thin covering, there is the risk of the cake drying out around the edges that are visible

Like buttercream cakes semi-naked cakes don’t hold soft fillings very well. Even though I use ganache as a “dam” around the edge of each layer to hold the filling in, there is always the risk of the filling oozing.

Without a protective layer like fondant, the cake is subject to the elements such as visits by insects or as simple as people breathing on the cake.

Although less sensitive to heat than a full buttercream cake, there is still the possibility of the frosting covering melting and becoming shiny.

To wrap up.

The semi-naked cake is still the ultimate choice for the no-fuss couple or for those wanting a more rustic or vintage feel. If this is the type of cake that feels right for you and your Special Day – go for it! It’s your Special Day, your dream wedding.

I’m here to help you make your dream wedding come true. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

I look forward to creating you a beautiful and above all delicious wedding cake.

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