Strandkombuis Yzerfontein Wedding – Jo & Philip

For the Love of Chocolate

Jo & Philip celebrated their love for each other with a beach wedding held at The Strandkombuis in Yzerfontein.

When your groom has a love of chocolate what do you as the bride surprise him with – only but a huge chocolate cake & a matching set of brownie cakes.

Strandkombuis, chocolate and brownie wedding cakes, Jo and Philip

Bride, Jo wanted to surprise her groom-to-be, Philip with a huge chocolate cake filled with Caramel Treat because as she put it “it’s his favourite”. It was only a pleasure to oblige as I’m a firm fan of the stuff myself (guilty pleasure!).

As the wedding was being held in an outside environment at the Strandkombuis, Yzerfontein. It was decided to keep the cake to a semi-naked style. The outside of the cake being covered in a smooth vanilla buttercream decorated with grey-green foliage and Chuckles (another of Philips favourites).

Because of Philips love of chocolate & to accompany the chocolate cake Jo asked that there be two brownie cakes as well. I made these brownie cakes using a 55% Belgium chocolate & filled them with a rich cream cheese frosting studded with Chuckles & drizzled with salted caramel. To make the whole affair even more chocolaty I covered the top in a rich ganache & an avalanche of more Chuckles. This cake was based on a style made popular by Chef Christina Tosi of Milk Bar Bakery, New York.

Strandkombuis, cutting the cake

Philip & Jo’s wedding looks to have been a whole lot of fun. To see more photos of this beautiful wedding taken by Jude from Silver Dune Photography: Philip & Jo Die Strandkombuis

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