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When it comes to choosing your wedding cake you have a choice between buttercream cakes, fondant covered cakes, ganache covered cakessemi-naked cakes or speciality cakes.

Most cakes prefer a cool environment of 22C however fondant covered cakes and semi-naked cakes are slightly more tolerant of our temperatures.

When choosing your style of cake, bear in mind that your cake will have to sit out for quite some time until the cutting ceremony, this can be up to six hours or more. Ideally the placing of your cake should be in coolish environment and out of direct sunlight.

My blog post, Planning your wedding cake is a mine of information and well worth a read before choosing your wedding cake.

Sea Trader, St. Helena Bay wedding, buttercream cake

Buttercream Cakes

A buttercream cake is one that is completely covered in a buttercream frosting. .

Buttercream cakes are very heat sensitive and don’t like our hot South African climate. They are not suitable for outdoor weddings or for venues without air-conditioning.

Blue Bay Lodge, Saldanha Bay wedding

Fondant Covered Cakes

Fondant is a sweet sugar paste that is used to drape over cakes providing a wonderful smooth finish to your wedding cake. It is the perfect base on which to decorate. 

My fondant covered wedding cakes all have a sub-structure of white chocolate ganache so as to ensure smooth sides. 

Unlike buttercream cakes, fondant covered cakes can stand up to the heat a little better. 

Gelukkie, Paternoster wedding, carrot semi naked cake

Ganache Covered Cakes

This type of cake is covered in rich chocolate ganache made using couverture chocolate. You can choose between white, milk or dark chocolate. 

Gelukkie, Paternoster wedding, carrot semi naked cake

Semi-Naked Cakes

A semi-naked cake is one that has a thin covering of buttercream or ganache with some of the cake underneath showing through. 

Speciality Cakes

You don’t have to follow the crowd for your wedding. You can choose to celebrate our South African heritage with a koeksister cake. Delight everyone with a stand of macarons or blow people away with a decadent croquembouche. 

Gelukkie, Paternoster wedding, koeksister cake
Blue Bay Lodge, Saldanha Bay wedding, gluten free cake with macarons
Blue Bay Lodge, Saldanha Bay wedding
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